The Galenic Institute’s Management and GMDP Policy is governed by the following principles:

  • Ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices and other relevant legal requirements for the activities it performs;
  • Guarantee the satisfaction of its customers, through the fulfillment of service requirements as well as legal requirements;
  • Guide the relationships it maintains with its suppliers through a logic of partnership, considering them an integral part of the System, maintaining an assessment and qualification of the services provided;
  • Assess suppliers by complying with the technical and commercial requirements of our orders as well as their ability to respond to our Technical Assistance Requests;
  • Involve all employees in the Management System and GMDP, being attentive to their needs;
  • To guarantee the security of information and the protection of personal data, safeguarding the rights and duties defined by the legislation in force;
  • Systematically evaluate the results of the implementation of your System, keeping all activities functioning according to the established procedures, continuously improving the effectiveness of the Management System and GMDP.

The Policy is published on the IG website so that all interested parties can get to know it.