Supply of medical and Lab equipment, hospital and lab furniture, medical consumables and pharmaceutical products.


Medical Equipment

Strong partnerships with internationally renowned medical equipment manufacturers: consistency in the supply of the equipment, with installation and after-sales service.  


Hospital and Lab furniture

We commercialize and install furniture solutions for all areas of healthcare, laboratories and administrative support services. 

Medical consumables and pharmaceutical products

A portfolio with a wide range of consumables and pharmaceutical products.

Lab Equipment and material, with special focus on the small labs and pharmacies.


UNGUATOR® – The advanced technology of mixing.

The main focus of UNGUATOR® Technology has been to revolutionize the pharmaceutical composition environment for customized formulations. The technology is very flexible and versatile, facilitating the preparation of many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and several other formulations, reducing the time and costs associated with conventional methods.



  • Mixing jar = Final dispensing jar
  • Hygienic dispensing jar
  • Available jars: 15 ml – 2.000 ml


  • Extended product life
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Minimizing waste and cleaning


  • No cross contamination
  • Maximum homogeneity
  • GMP Standard


The new generation of UNGUATOR® equipment includes an advanced mixing system that accelerated the development of formulas and increased the overall production efficiency in the preparation of compound recipes, such as ointments, creams, gels, pastes, suppositories, etc.  


The range of UNGUATOR® accessories consists of an exclusive set of jars that work specifically with UNGUATOR® equipment and a wide range of accessories with consistent quality, replacing many of the traditional tools, resulting in better product quality and packaging, stability and safety both the operator and the end user.  

Lab Material

Bench equipment

Scales, cappers, water baths, vortex shakers, centrifuges, pH meter, etc.

Laboratory material

Wide range of glass, measuring and filtration material in accordance with applicable regulations.

We supply all laboratory material whose existence mandatory the pharmacy in accordance with resolution No. 1500/2004 – Ordenance No. 594/2004 of 2nd of June.


Search us for sterile and non-sterile packaging.


We transform the present, with the future in mind.