Specialists in solutions

Commitment with innovation that works in a way of thinking and of being, focusing on the excellence of solutions and the constant search for client’s satisfaction.  

Instituto Galénico choose as a strategy to be a centre of global competence at the level of products as well as the level of innovation services.

We search, in a systematic way, disruptive solutions in this market creating new segments and new perspectives for approach.

We develop partnerships with a wide range of companies, institutions and national and international universities to ensure that we are at the frontier of knowledge, in our areas of expertise. 


Last Projects

-Steril-Trolley- Deep disinfecting tunnel for supermarket trolleys.

-Steril-Aerios- UV-C technology Air sterilizer.

-Steril-Pragma, Steril-Hexa.  

Research and development centre

– R&D Programme

  • Disinfection of people and objects.
  • Air sterilization.
  • Therapeutic nutrition.

– Partnerships and Protocols

  • Pedro Nunes institute from the university of Coimbra.
  • University of sciences and technology of the Nova University of Lisbon.


IG develops innovation process using the most recent techniques and methodology, such as; Design Thinking, Agile/Scrumb and UX design, in order to focus its innovation not only on technological solutions but also on the people that will use it. 

We transform the present, with the future in mind.